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Product details of Explorer ARGUN Controller Infinity Trigger ARG09
•AR Gun Infinity Trigger ARG09FEATURES:
•Augmented reality experience
•Enjoy AR games anywhere & anytime
•Comfortable design
•Augmented reality is a technology that combines reality with
virtual or computer generated objects in real time.
•Futuristic shape provides comfort and full dive into the world of virtual battles.
•Even more realistic shooting experience thanks to built-in reload level.
•Freedom of in-game movements: run, jump, and turn around.
•Precise aiming and instant synchronization with a smartphone will let you
always hit your target.SPECIFICATIONS:
•Maximum holder width: 90mm
•Power Supply: 2x AAA batteries
•Function keys: 4
•Application: AR Magic Gun
•Compatibility: ios 7.1 / Android 4.4 and above
•Bluetooth: 4.2 or higher


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