Homeguard Smart Smoke Alarm

It’s time to expect more from your smoke alarm Homeguard Smart Smoke Alarm is a wireless snapshot smoke detector to enhance your home’s safety. When a fire starts and the alarm is set off, you will hear the powerful siren & see the LED indication flashing. A snapshot notification will send direct to your smartphone. Use free Homeguardeye app to stay connection with your home to know what’s happening for peace of mind. Stay safer and prevent from fire with smart smoke alarm.

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Homeguard Smart Smoke Alarm

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Camera 2MP  1/4 CMOS
100 degrees wide angle lens
Photo 800×600 pixels,JPEG
Night Vision 1 LED light for snap photo only
Alarm Horn >95 db
Alarm detection range 20m
Transmission Mode WiFi 2.4G
Transmission Range Up to 100ft /30m (Between alarm and router)
Storage Rolling 30 days of FREE  Cloud Storage
Power 1xPansonic CR123AV lithium battery(up to 5 years)
Mounting Screw
Temperature & Humidity 10°C-55 °C
Dimensions 102mmx102mmx34mm/95g


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