Mega Cellular Network, Inc and its affiliated companies acknowledges the importance of privacy and is committed in protecting the data you would be sharing to us. By reading and acknowledging, you consent to the processing of your Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy (Policy). We will keep this Policy under review and any changes made from time to time will be posted on this page. This Policy sets out details of the Information we collect about you and the ways in which we may use that Information.

MegaOne, the retail business unit of Mega Cellular Network, Inc., is continuously innovating to be the top choice of consumers and partners in the telecom, fintech and consumer electronic business in the country.  MegaOne, with almost three (3) decade of experience in the telecommunication industry, has expanded to more than one hundred (100) retail stores nationwide and is continuously growing its presence both online and offline to meet the Philippine consumer needs.


Personal and/or Commercial Business information

Information means the information/data provided by you, other personal, financial, and commercial information, and the documents (including but not limited to any document, commercial paper, deed, or other form) provided in respect of all herein.


Mega Cellular Network, Inc. collects and use your information only with your knowledge and consent. We may gather your Information from a purchase through our physical stores or ecommerce website. Your customer inquiries, via email or social media account, through our business dealings, through our customer services team, when you request product information or, when you register online or enter any promotions or competitions through any of our channels. For web visitors, a user must first complete a registration form. During registration, the user is required to give their contact information (such as name, email address and mobile phone number). Demographic and geographic Information may be requested.


Mega Cellular Network, Inc. does not share any personal or private customer/business information submitted to us. This Information will be stored, analyzed, and used to assist Mega Cellular Network, Inc. to improve its product and services. The information you provide to Mega Cellular Network, Inc. and/or other communication channels that is related or connected to Mega Cellular Network, Inc. will be held only by Mega Cellular Network, Inc. and its affiliated companies or duly authorized agents. Your Information will not be distributed outside Mega Cellular Network, Inc. organization. We may disclose your Information as may be required by law, regulation, or legal proceedings.


Data Collection and Processing

Mega Cellular Network, Inc. shall take reasonable measures to protect any information provided and maintain privacy of such information in accordance with standard applicable practices. By submitting your information, you accept that your details and related information will be managed, stored, transferred, and processed by Mega Cellular Network, Inc. in accordance with applicable policies and procedures which may include using third party services for such management, storage, transfer, and/or processing. Please note that Mega Cellular Network, Inc. may provide aggregate statistics and general information about MegaOne customers, sales, traffic patterns and related site information to reputable third parties, but these statistics and general information will not include personally identifying Information.


Purpose of collecting Information

Mega Cellular Network Inc. collects information to provide better services to all our customers, for which helps us provide a better understanding on how we can serve you better. We may use your Information for the purposes of: (a) Improving the products and services offered. (b) to verify you as our customer. (c) to inform you of any service-related changes affecting your purchase. (d) providing you with MegaOne related products and services. (e) informing you products and services offered by Mega Cellular Network, Inc., and its affiliated companies under its corporate umbrella that we think may be of interest to you. Mega Cellular Network, Inc. may also be obliged to disclose your information to meet any legal or government regulatory requirements or obligations in accordance with the applicable laws.

From time to time MegaOne will also requests information from users via our online surveys and

satisfaction questionnaires. Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary and the user

therefore, has a choice whether to disclose this Information. Information requested may

include contact information (such as name and address). Survey Information will be used for

purposes of monitoring or improving your customer experience.



If you decide that you no longer want to be connected to Mega Cellular Network, Inc. or its affiliated companies, you can email us directly at



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